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The therapeutic alliance is a crucial element of any successful therapy relationship. It refers to the collaborative and trusting relationship between the therapist and the client. Without a strong therapeutic alliance, it is difficult for clients to feel safe and comfortable enough to share their deepest concerns and emotions with their therapist. As a psychotherapist, I prioritize building a strong therapeutic alliance with my clients. I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can feel heard and understood. By building a strong alliance, clients can gain a greater sense of self-awareness, develop coping skills, and work towards achieving their therapeutic goals

Therapy can provide individuals with the tools and support they need to navigate life's challenges. Through therapy, clients can gain a greater understanding of their thoughts, feelings and emotions. They can learn to identify patterns of behavior that may be holding them back and develop new ways of thinking and behaving that align with their values and goals. By working collaboratively with clients, I aim to empower them to make positive changes in their lives and achieve greater well-being and fulfillment.


  • LMFT#125876
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, 2018, Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA,
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor: Addiction Studies, 2016, Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA

Therapy Models

  • Psychodynamic
  • CBT
  • Reality therapy
  • Mindfulness

Area of Specialty

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Self Esteem / Self Worth
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Communication & Skill Building
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment Issues
  • Life Adjustments & Transitions




Office Locations

Costa Mesa, CA